Blind and Curtain Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning with Dust, Dirt and Mold Removal

Vertical, Venetians, Panel and Roller Blinds

We have one of the best systems to clean your blinds and curtains. Getting rid of nasties such as dust, dirt and mold spores is best to help you to live in a more healthier cleaner home environment.

Our Ultrasonic machine uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves in water to action or enhance the removal of contaminants from the material when submerged in water that has a ultrasonic activating cleaner.

We do blind or curtain cleaning for:

  • Residential - Rentals, Home Owners.

  • Commercial - Offices, etc.

Ultrasonic machine

Cleaning Procedure

front view ultrasonic machine
vertical blinds hanging and drying

We have an undercover hanging rack system to get maximum air flow for a 24 - 36 hour turn around.

  1. We collect the blinds/curtains from your premises.

  2. The blinds/curtains are taken back to our cleaning shed.

  3. Blinds and curtains are dipped into the ultrasonic machine and water for agitate for several minutes until soiling is removed. Extra special chemical is used for moldy material. Then all material is rinsed in fresh water with an anti-bacterial deodoriser.

  4. Blinds/Curtains are removed from machine and hung up to dry on the racks for 24 - 36 Hours or as per customer deadlines.

  5. Blinds/Curtains are taken down and returned to premises.